Keynote Speakers

Robert Saik

Robert Saik, a lifetime entrepreneur, recognised in 2021 as one of Canada’s Top 50 Most Influential Agriculture Leaders, has been sought for his expertise from the likes of Bill Gates, Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture, The International Fertilizer Association and most recently the UN_FAO Committee on World Food Security. A sought after keynote and author of “FOOD 5.0 How We Feed The Future”, Robert has leveraged his passion for innovation to found and lead many organizations in the areas of farming, ag retail, fertilizer manufacturing and distribution, consulting, precision agriculture, data management, and robotics. As Founder of Agri-Trend/Agri-Data (now Trimble) and as CEO of DOT Technology Corp (now Raven), Robert has a unique ability to identify and address “white space” he sees in the agricultural sector. Now, as Founder & CEO of AGvisorPRO, his team is creating a global connectivity channel to increase agriculture sustainability, farm profitability and enhance global food security. Robert is also a Ted Talks speaker.